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Retirement Savings Planner

Retirement Savings PlannerThe Retirement Savings Planner is an Excel Financial Planning Tool that helps you plan for the income you will need in retirement.  It is driven by the level of Net Income you plan on needing when you begin retirement.  Based on that, your assets, and other retirement income streams, it will show you when you can retire and how long your assets will last.  Create your Retirement Plan in under 5 minutes!  Model various assumptions instantly and generate plans for different economic scenarios.  More

Annual Budget Manager

Annual Budget MangerThe Annual Budget Manager is an Excel Money Tool that helps you manage your household budget. You identify cash in and cash out, recurring and one-time items, and the tool shows your monthly net position as well as year to date.  For expenses, the payment methods are summarized, so that can verify and manage them.  Using this tool to help you control your finances, in turn, helps you to stay on track for the longer haul and your retirement plan.  More

Investment Strategy Map™

Investment Strategy MapThe Investment Strategy Map is an innovative Excel Financial Planning Tool that helps you map out and manage the life cycle of your investments.  For each asset, you define the Triggers that will make you change your position, the Action you will take, the Timing, and the new asset it will become. This is vital so that you have a map laying out your strategy and that you do not miss out on opportunities or fail to react appropriately to market conditions.  More

Market Risk Gauge™

Market Risk GaugeThe Market Risk Gauge is a one of a kind Excel tool that helps you assess and gauge the outlook for the economy and markets based on factors and variables which may adversely affect them over various timeframes in the future.  This easy to use, fun tool is a critical link to your strategy & planning.  Based on the outlook you generate, you would circle back to your investment strategy map and determine whether any adjustments are necessary.  Finally, based on any changes to your strategy, you would revise your plans (Annual Budget & Retirement).  More

Portfolio Health Tracker

Portfolio Health TrackerThe Portfolio Health Tracker is an Excel-based tool that helps you track the performance, value and composition of your investments over time.  This is essential to the monitoring aspect of the MT123 System.  You can clearly see if the health and performance of your portfolio is supporting and in synch with your investment strategy and retirement plan.  Pie and trend charts are dynamically generated to provide quick and easy visuals.  More

MT123 Suite™

MoneyTools123 SuiteThe MoneyTools123 Suite is the complete set of 5 Excel Money Tools featured above.  Each one may be used individually – or when used together, they allow you to carry out the 3 tenets of the MT123 System: 1) Strategy, 2) Plan & 3) Monitor.  More