Why Us

Our Excel Financial Planning Tools are very innovative, high quality, low cost Money Tools that really work.  Don’t be fooled by offers of free spreadsheets and money tools that don’t work, are amateurish and can infect your computer.  Our products are priced much lower than others because they are simple, yet robust and to the point.  There are no unnecessary frills or bells and whistles, just plain, simple and clear Financial Planning Tools in easy to use Excel Spreadsheet models.  You can easily pay $50-60 for a Retirement Planner or have ours for $4.99.  Isn’t the ability to create a Retirement Plan in 5 minutes worth the cost of a Starbuck’s Coffee?  Even better, for the price of a sandwich and coke, you can own the complete suite of 5 MT123 Tools at $9.99.

Also, do not ever, ever enter your financial information into a web-site.  Once you do that, it is like jumping off a cliff.  You just lost control of your life’s financial history and have no idea of knowing where it will end up or how it will be used.  This is what makes our products so powerful.  Your financial data stays on your computer.

Finally, you may have a financial advisor or have used one.  Take our MT123 Retirement Savings Planner for $4.99 and spend 5 minutes entering your info.  You will now have the power to audit and validate what your advisor has been telling you about when you can retire and how long your assets will last.  The logic is plain and transparent and you can have an informed discussion and ask the right questions.